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It’s garlic harvest time here at EquiCenter Farm!

At EquiCenter Farm, we grow German White Hardneck Garlic as our main production crop to fundraise for our Therapeutic Horticulture programs, which serve local veterans and school groups in our community.

You can reserve your garlic order here:

Bundles of 10 large garlic heads (~2 lbs) are $20 each, and 10 lbs is $90.

Great for eating or planting!

Did you know that garlic can be stored in your pantry for months? Stock up and have local garlic to use in your kitchen all winter long.

Contact Katie Nuber at to learn more about discounts on bulk orders.

Later in the season, we will have produce such as: potatoes, summer squash, green beans, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, yellow zucchini, and sunflowers! Stay tuned...

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