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December Volunteer of the Month: Jackie Roberts

“If you’re a volunteer who loves to keep learning in a supportive environment, this is a great place to be.” - Jackie Roberts

Jackie Roberts’ love of horses began when she was in her twenties as she spent countless hours riding through the woods and open spaces of Geneseo.

Luckily for us, she met Dr. Susan Taylor-Brown at a mutual friend’s party in 2015. Susan, who was serving as Director of Operations at the time, shared her experience with EquiCenter and suggested Jackie sign up for one of our upcoming volunteer orientations. Shortly thereafter, Jackie began volunteering as a side walker.

Since then, she has become a regular part of our Therapeutic Riding Program. For her, EquiCenter is “an amazingly special place” because everyone willingly shares their knowledge and continues to offer ongoing training for horse handling and leading.

When she’s not hanging around the barn, you’ll find her outdoors. She loves 8-sweep rowing. When the pandemic made rowing together unsafe, she began sculling lessons in a single shell. She also enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, and visiting her Outfitter son and his family in remote Alaska.

Fun fact about Jackie: she has a horse crush on Smokey! Although she loves the entire herd. “They each have unique personalities and are so beautifully intuitive about the work they do with the students. Life-changing. I am grateful to be part of this outstanding program.”

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