Sunday, July 11, 2021 at EquiCenter


EquiTrails is an obstacle course competition that tests the trail skills of horse and rider. Our course is several miles long, includes approximately 12 obstacles, and reflects the diversity of our beautiful 200-acre ranch. 


EquiTrails is not a race and can be ridden at your own pace, with any breed of horse. Both English and Western riders are welcome. It is not a timed event, however, riders may be given a time limit to ride through a particular obstacle so that riders behind them are not held back. A judge at each obstacle will evaluate the way both horse and rider negotiate these obstacles with an emphasis on calmness and safety. Points are given on these criteria.

EquiTrails are about trail riding, that means common sense, staying on the appropriate trails (all trails are clearly marked), the ability to move safely down the trail, and of course, having fun doing it!

There will be a variety of obstacles such as a ditch, tires, fallen logs, a bridge and other types where you may be asked to collect a pole/flag/ball from one area and bring it to the next, close/open a gate, back through a shoot, etc.

It is the participant's responsibility to bypass an obstacle they deem beyond their skill level. Riders may always choose to go around an obstacle. The goal is to have fun and stay safe! 

Prizes will be awared through 6th place in all divisions:

  • Trail Boss - for the more experienced horse and rider

  • Green Horn - for the novice horse and rider

  • Junior - for those riders under 16 years old. Juniors under 14 years old must be accompanied on the ride by someone over 18 years old


  • $50 entry fee if registered on or before July 3, 2021

  • $75 entry fee if registered between July 4, 2021 and July 10, 2021

  • No day of entry


  • ASTM Helment

  • Any type of saddle

  • Any type of bridle

  • Negative Coggins within two years

Proceeds benefit EquiCenter's therapeutic equestrian programs.

For more information, contact Lindsay at lalberts@equicenteryn.org.