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Meet the incredible horses who call EquiCenter home!

Each of our herd members is unique and offers a different ride for our participants, but they all have one thing in common, they are incredibly special and help change lives each time they step into the ring.


Haflinger Gelding

Alf is a 22-year-old Halflinger pony standing about 14 hands tall. He is super cute and calm making him the perfect therapeutic riding pony for all the kids. 


Clydesdale Cross Gelding

Before joining our herd in 2011, Benji was a preliminary level eventer. Now, his students learn from his responsiveness and engaging gates. Although Benji is now 27 years old, he is still young at heart.


Irish Draft Gelding

After retiring from his fox hunting days in Geneseo, Clover came to us needing a less physically challenging job. He is a 23-year-old Irish Draft standing just over
16 hands tall. He has a sweet,
easy-going personality making him a favorite of many.


Welsh Pony Gelding

This petite little man is a 23-year-old Welsh pony who stands 14 hands tall. He loves getting groomed and taking long walks in the field. 

Paddy_Social_square (1).jpg

Connemara Pony Gelding

Paddy is a 16 year old Connemara Pony standing 14.1h tall.  He has been here just under 2 years and has become a great addition to our team.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 134234.png

Quarterhorse Gelding

Rook is a 21 year old bay quarter horse cross gelding. Rook was a lesson horse at City View Equestrian for years and is now here to have a lighter lesson load as he ages. He is a quiet, calm and kind new partner for EquiCenter.


Percheron/ QH Gelding

A 17-year-old Percheron/Quarter Horse gelding, Smokey has overcome his shy nature to quickly become a favorite here at EquiCenter. Smokey stands about 16.1 hands tall.


Mustang Gelding

Tango is a 5-year-old bay mustang gelding.  He stands well to be groomed, picks up feet easily, and has been on a trailer.  He is now getting saddles and lunged in preparation for riding.


Percheron Cross Mare

Bio coming soon.


Hanovarian Mare

Carina stands about 16 hands tall and has a history of doing many Hunter Jumper competitions as well as being a lesson horse. Now that her jumping days are over, she is settling well into her new life of giving adaptive riding lessons.


Belgain Cross Mare

Kitty is a big, beautiful lady from Virginia where she use to Fox Hunt. She is a curvy 22-year-old Belgian Cross standing about 16.2 hands tall. she enjoys her new career as a therapy horse.


Quarter Horse Gelding

Moose is a 27-year-old Quarter Horse from Buffalo who is choosing to spend his retirement at EquiCenter. He is kind, patient, and loved by all. This sophisticated gentleman stands about 15.1 hands tall. 


Mustang Gelding

Ranger is 9 years old and stands about 14.3 hands. He has been here for almost 5 years and loves trail rides and basic dressage. He loves people and attention, is patient, and willing to learn new things. 


Paint Pony Gelding

Scout is a 24 year old paint pony gelding, who has a long history of being a 4H pony; competing in everything from jumping to barrel racing. He has been with us for just under a year, but nearly everyday someone is recognizing Scout from his previous endeavors! 


Thoroughbred Mare

Solo is a retired thoroughbred mare who originally lived on this property prior to it becoming the EquiCenter.  She is here to live out her retirement days on green pastures.


Haflinger Gelding

Wally is a 14 hand tall Haflinger. Although he was a bit stubborn to start, he has softened up and is now a joy to work with.


Mustang Gelding

Originally from Green Mountain Wyoming, Beacon is a 8-year-old black gelding. His name references satellite communications used in the military where signals are sent out to connect with the beacon. 


Haflinger Mare

Carissa stands 14.2 hands high and makes a great mount for both children and adults! She is tolerant and patient, especially when her riders play games and use lesson props. Her sure footedness and quiet nature make her a favorite on the trails!


Paint/Draft Cross Mare

Luna is our newest and youngest therapy horse.  She just turned 5 years old this year and has gone through 2 years of training to now begin her introduction into lessons.  She is the friendliest horse and loves attention from everyone.

Obi (Oberon)

Percheron/QH Gelding

Obi (Oberon) is a 15 hand 10 year old Percheron/quarter horse cross who is a beautiful dapple grey. He has a background in natural horsemanship as well as dressage. He is a sweet and handsome addition to the team.


Miniature Gelding

Richie is a 26-year-old miniature gelding who came to us from Begin Again Horse Rescue. He became great friends with Buddy and enjoys his new job teaching students how to groom and lead horses. 


Mustang Mare

Sierra is one of our newer mustangs. She is now starting to trust people and begin to get lead around with a halter and lead rope.


Percheron Mare

Starr is a 21-year-old Percheron/Thoroughbred standing 17.2 hands tall. She retired from fox hunting in Geneseo.  As one of our biggest horses she serves veterans and adults with special needs. 


Quarterhorse Gelding

Standing at 15 hands tall, this quarter horse is an experienced gentleman at 25 years old. He was a lesson horse at a different barn, and is now enjoying the lighter work of a adaptive riding program in his golden years

Photographs courtesy of Maria Spinelli.

Our horses make our programs possible. 

Each of our horses is carefully managed to keep them healthy and happy to continue their important work. It costs $5,000 a year to care for a horse in our herd. If you are interested in making a gift to support our herd, please use the button below.

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