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There is no better time to be thankful than during the holidays. We would like to thank the EquiCenter for making such a profound impact on our family. Our daughter Hollyn’s achievements have been

immeasurable since participating in horseback riding therapy.


Hollyn is one in a million. She is unique in a precious way. She is also physically disabled. As her parents, we’ve never lost hope in her abilities. Helen Keller once said, “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, sailed on uncharted land or opened the doorway of the human spirit.”


Hollyn is vision-impaired and suffers from right hemiplegia meaning that the right side of her body is weaker than the left. She is mobile, yet struggles with balance and coordination. She has limited use of her right arm and hand. With those challenges, it was hard to believe that her favorite activity would be horseback riding. Although she is tiny and unable to hold the reins with both hands, she always rides with confidence. Her balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination have improved tremendously.


Hollyn recently competed in the Special Olympics Horseback Riding Competition. She entered the ring with poise and character as though it just came naturally to her. At that moment, something very special happened…. nothing has ever looked so beautiful as the sight of a little girl unable to use her right hand holding on so intently with both hands—never letting go. It was a breakthrough in so many ways for Hollyn. “Two hands mommy, I did it!” I can still hear those words echoing proudly. To live in that moment with Hollyn made every sacrifice, every challenge, and every moment of hard work with her well worth the effort.


As we celebrate the holiday season, please consider supporting the important programming offered by the EquiCenter. Your contribution will help the EquiCenter grow, flourish, and continue to touch the lives of our children.

Greg & Kara Halstead

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