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Therapeutic Horticulture

Learn the foundations of growing your own food. Whether you're a first-time gardener or experienced grower, there's a course for you! Programs range from a 6-week foundations course with support for starting a garden at home to specialized horticulture workshops that dive into topics such as growing space design, raised bed/container gardening, food preservation, beekeeping, and more!

Each program is $30. Veterans enrolled in the VA may participate for FREE. 

If you have more detailed questions,
contact Katie at
Check back for new program updates throughout the season!
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Flower Harvest & Arranging 

Tuesday, August 24, 6pm-7:30pm or Thursday, August 26, 2pm-3:30pm

Learn the ins and outs of proper harvesting and care techniques for cut flowers and get pointers from a working florist on creative floral design and arranging. Each participant will make and bring home their own mixed cut flower bouquet!

Contact Katie at to register


Introduction to Beekeeping

Tuesday, August 31, 5:30pm-7:30pm or Thursday, September 2, 2pm-4pm

Join EquiCenter's farm staff and beekeepers as they cover the basics of beekeeeping, benefits of pollinators for your growing space or ecological area, and a live bee hive inspection at our BEE-lieve in Hereos apiary.

Contact Katie at to register


Preserving the Harvest:
Farm Food Preservation & Safety

Tuesday, September 14, 5:30pm-7:30pm or
Thursday, September 16, 2pm-4pm


Learn the basics of food preservation! This workshop covers an overview of farm food safety and a variety of preservation methods. Each participant will get to make and bring home herb sachets, pickled veggies, berry jam, and fresh produce to continue practicing preservation methods at home. 

Contact Katie at to register

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Seed Saving

Tuesday, September 28, 5:30pm-7pm or
Thursday, September 30, 2pm-3:30pm


Learn all about seed saving. Seed saving is a great way to use what's already growing around you to prepare and share seeds for future growing seasons. Each participant will be able to collect seeds from EquiCenter's farm to take home!

Contact Katie at to register

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Garlic & Spring-Blooming Bulb Planting

Tuesday, October 12, 3pm-5pm or Thursday, October 14, 2pm-4pm


Plant garlic and early season flower bulbs in fall for springtime abundance. Get

your hands dirty with EquiCenter's farmers as they guide you through preparing and planting the garlic beds and how to select the best seed. Each participant will get to bring home some of EquiCenter's German White Hard Neck garlic seed stock and flower bulbs. 

Contact Katie at to register

​Check out EquiCenter Farm’s Self-Paced Online Courses at:


Want to dive deeper into horticulture?  Check out EquiCenter Farm’s self-paced online courses!  These courses are open to anyone who wants to learn about growing food at home.  Veterans enrolled with the VA can email Katie at for a coupon code for any class FREE.  Some of the topics include:


Introduction to Beekeeping

Join EquiCenter Farm’s staff and beekeepers as they cover the basics of beekeeping, benefits of pollinators for your growing space, and a live bee hive inspection with EquiCenter's BEElieve in Heroes apiary.


Horticulture at Home: Farm & Garden Design (3 part workshop series)

Learn the basics of selecting and setting up your at-home growing space.  This workshop series includes 3 recordings of ZOOM video instruction sessions by EquiCenter Farm staff and access to EquiCenter's Farm & Garden Design online course, which you can complete at your own pace.


Horticulture at Home: Raised Bed Construction

This workshop will cover the basics of setting up and planting in raised beds for more accessible gardening.

Do you have experience gardening or farming and want to share your experience with new growers?  EquiCenter is seeking veterans to participate in our PEER MENTORSHIP program.  Registered participants share their growing knowledge and engage in weekly discussions as mentors to participants in Veteran Farm + Wellness. 
If interested, contact Katie at
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