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EquiCenter Awarded $100,000 from The American Legion, Department of New York for Veteran Programming

We are excited to announce that EquiCenter has been awarded a $100,000 grant from The American Legion, Department of New York to support our programming for veterans!

In 2008 we welcomed our first veteran rider and have since developed a full range of specialized equestrian and horticultural experiences for veterans, inviting them to participate in adaptive riding and innovative therapeutic horticulture programs.

Programs such as Mission Mustang offer veterans valuable skills and assets to help them successfully transition from military service to civilian life. The interaction between horse and human assists veterans to better manage the difficult consequences of combat and military service as they help to gentle and train wild mustangs who are adjusting to life in captivity. Therapeutic horticulture programs also contribute to healing through the powerful connection of hands-on interaction with nature and cultivation of the earth’s resources. Planting and cultivation not only give veterans the opportunity to find their purpose with “hands in the dirt” activities, but to hone employment soft skills and develop vocational skills particular to farming – thus increasing their employability. Programs for veterans are offered at no cost to the individual.

“A gift of this size is transformational for our programs and our participants. Many people are still recovering from the impact that the pandemic has had on their socioemotional health. Now that our programs have resumed, we have seen an increased number of veterans here at EquiCenter benefitting from experiences that are in many ways both life-changing and lifesaving.” - Ryan Elizabeth Shear, Chief Development Officer

“The $100,000 grant will bolster EquiCenter’s capacity to help veterans, providing all services free of charge. Many of the veterans are dealing with devastating physical and emotional effects of combat. Equine-assisted therapies help them overcome those symptoms of PTSD. As EquiCenter describes it, physical contact and communication with the horse and the rhythmic movement can restore confidence and an appreciation of oneself. This addresses physical and emotional imbalances in a gentle, self-guided manner – ultimately leading to healing and a successful life transition.” - American Legion Department of New York Commander David R. Riley Sr.

Thank you to The American Legion for your continued support, we could not be more grateful!

Click below to see the full press release:

EquiCenter Press Release_American Legion 02062023 (3)
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