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EquiCenter in the News

"Working the Soil, Reconnecting to Life After Service" (Spectrum News, 11/9/18)

"Cornell Farm Ops sets up NYS Veterans for Success" (Cornell Chronicle, 11/8/18)

"Growing Therapy for Veterans at EquiCenter" (Monroe County Post, 9/22/18)

"Veterans and Wild Horses, Working Through Tough Times Together" (Spectrum News, 8/22/18)

"Veteran teaches cooking for a cause" (Democrat & Chronicle, 11/20/2016)

"East High students get to "horse around" at new equine program" (13WHAM 10/2016)

"East Students Saddle Up for a New Equine Program" (Warner School of Education, University of Rochester 10/19/2016)

EquiCenter's Founders, Jonathan and Stacy Friedlander, featured on 98 PXY, click here to hear the interview.

Local Family Gives $1.5 Gift to EquiCenter

EquiCenter meets British Royalty for Idea Swap (Democrat & Chronicle, 6/22/2014)

"EquiCenter Helps Veterans Find Comfort" (Democrat & Chronicle, 6/22/2014)


"EquiCenter Helping Veterans"

"From the Hospital to the Great Outdoors Kids' Therapy Shines in Many Forms." (Western New York Physician, Vol 4-2014)

The EquiCenter Farm in the News


Spectrum News- 11.9.18

Working the Soil, Reconnecting to Life After Service

Cornell Farm Ops- 11.8.18

Cornell Farm Ops set up NYS Veterans for Success

Monroe County Post- 9.22.18

Growing Therapy for Veterans at EquiCenter

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." ​-Helen keller

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