EquiCenter exists to foster the personal growth and individual achievement of children and adults with disabilities, at-risk youth, veterans, and their families using a wide range of therapeutic equestrian and related programs. 

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Equine Staff

Meet the incredible horses who call EquiCenter home!

 Each of our herd members is unique and offers a different ride for our participants, but they all have one thing in common, they are incredibly special and help change lives each time they step into the ring.

Alf joined the EquiCenter herd in 2013 and is our go to pony for children. Standing at 14h, Alf is a great size for even our littlest riders. Alf is a steady, comfortable mount and is happy to have riders play games, ride backwards, throw balls and more!

19-year-old Haflinger Gelding


Benji joined the EquiCenter herd in 2011 after a career as a eventer, which reached all the way to the preliminary level! His high level of training has been an asset to our program by allowing our students to lean from his responsiveness and engaging gaits. He is a large horse standing 17 hands and can make any rider feel like they're on top of the world!

19-year-old Clydesdale Cross Gelding


Carissa joined the EquiCenter herd in 2013. She stands 14.2 hands high and makes a great mount for both children and adult riders! Carissa is tolerant and patient as her riders play games and use props in their lessons. She is also a favorite trail mount with her sure footed and quiet nature!

17-year-old Haflinger Mare


Harley joined the EquiCenter herd in 2008 and has been irreplaceable ever since. Standing at 16.2h, he is the perfect size for our adult riders to learn on. Harley is a fantastic trail partner and steady mount in the ring, always willing to play games!

19-year-old Irish Draught Gelding


Bio coming soon!

18-year-old Thoroughbred Gelding


Bio coming soon!

24-year-old Quarter Horse Gelding


Bio coming soon!

18-year-old Welsh Pony


Rebecca joined the EquiCenter herd in 2011 after a career as a fox hunting horse in Virgina. When she needed a quieter career, her owner knew she would be a great therapy horse and thought of EquiCenter! Becca has been a cherished member of our herd ever since. Standing 15.2h, she has a wide back and is a comfortable ride. Her smooth trot and steady nature made her a great choice for a variety of lessons.

23-year-old Belgian Cross Mare


Bio coming soon!

13-year-old Percheron / Quarter Horse


Bio coming soon!

22-year-old Quarter Horse Gelding


Autumn joined the EquiCenter herd in 2014. She is 16.2 hands high but is also impressively wide! Autumn is one of the youngest horses in our herd and is a great teacher for our independent adult riders as they learn so more advanced riding skills. Because she is still young, our staff is always working to give Autumn more experiences and she often goes on off farm adventures to trail ride, cross country schoolings, trail trials and more!

10-year-old Percheron Cross Mare


Buddy joined the EquiCenter herd in 2008. He is one of two miniature horses that calls EquiCenter home. He stands 33 inches high and although he is not ridden, he does a variety of horsemanship lessons. Buddy is trained to drive and helps teach our participants how to groom, lead and even long line. 

19-year-old Minature Gelding


Bio coming soon!

19-year-old Belgian Cross Mare


Bio coming soon!

20-year-old Welsh Pony Gelding


Bio coming soon!

28-year-old Miniature Gelding


Bio coming soon!

17-year-old Irish Fjord Gelding


Bio coming soon!

24-year-old Percheron / Quarter


Spirit joined the EquiCenter herd in 2011. Before joining our herd he competed through 1st level dressage. Spirit has fit right in and has guided numerous riders through their journey toward independence.  While he might be bold in color, in reality he seeks security and guidance from those who ride him.  This level of sensitivity makes him a perfect match for our advanced students as they practice being a steady, predictable leader. 

18-year-old Fresian / Irish Cobb Cross


Bio coming soon!

18-year-old Percheron


"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." ​-Helen keller

Our horses make our programs possible. 

Each of our horses is carefully managed to keep them healthy and happy to continue their important work. It costs $5,000 a year to care for a horse in our herd. If you are interested in making a gift to support our herd, please use the button below.